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Data Recovery Services

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Undertaking all aspects of data recovery Services

Our data recovery experts support all device types.  Regardless of the type of damage, our data recovery experts specialize in recovering from drops, liquid damage, fires, and mechanical damage. 

We work with all manufacturers, mobile phone suppliers, and computer models.  Most importantly, we provide a recovery guarantee.  If we cannot recover your files, there is no charge.

Our Data Recovery Services Cover All Device Types


Hard Drive Data Recovery

Own a desktop PC, laptop, or any kind of computer? Then, that means you have a hard drive inside. If you hear odd sounds or having computer issues, chances are you need hard drive recovery.

external hard drive

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

This is the most common data recovery we perform. We'll ensure your backup files are salvaged.


Macbook Data Recovery

Hard drives, SSDs, and built-in logic board drives do fail. Don't let Apple convince you your files are gone. Let us be the final judge of that!


Windows Laptop Recovery

Your Windows laptop may have issues booting up. Our recovery techs can recover files from this. We also have convenient options afterwards to get your Windows computer up and running again.

Dell desktop and monitor

Desktop/PC Data Recovery

Got a desktop PC, all-in-one, or custom build computer? We have tons of experience recovering files from these systems. And you'll also receive easy options to get your PC working again.

imac pro buy or upgrade imac

iMac - Mac Pro - Mac Mini Data Recovery

Many shy away from opening up iMac glass or prying open the Mac Pro or Mac mini. Not us. We are experts at recovering from these Apple systems.

iphone data recovery nyc

iPhone Data Recovery

Precious photos, videos, chats, text messages, and other files can still be recovered if your iPhone has issues. Don't worry, we won't judge you if you spilled liquid or dropped your iPhone.

thumb drive

USB/Thumb Drive Data Recovery

Repairing thumb drives to recover files is a service we have performed since they were first invented in 2000.

memory card

Memory Card Data Recovery

Don't give up on those unique, precious, photo memories and videos.

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 9.55.56 AM

SSD Data Recovery

Although solid state drives don't have physical spinning disks and movable read-write heads, they are still prone to physical shock.


RAID - NAS Data Recovery

Recovering from enterprise-level, mission critical storage devices. We may also help with rebuilding your server or offering alternate solutions.

5* Star Reviews For Our Data Recovery Services

Ms.G. Hod
Ms.G. Hod
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My five year old 1TB external hard drive suddenly stopped working. I tried to trouble shoot it myself first and have friends in IT look at it... Long story short, no one could figure out the issue and I wound up finding these guys online. I'm very glad I did! When I called they were friendly, honest and upfront. I paid $250 (I think this service may normally be more expensive, but I was grateful for the price I got) + the cost of a new drive to transfer the files onto. It took them only two or three business days to get my old drive and its replacement with my restored files back to me. All of my files were there and working. I wanted to cry from happiness, but I kept it cool. I have a few other things that I'd given up on that I'd love for them to work on. Will definitely be going back to them. I highly recommend this shop!
Hailee Sullivan
Hailee Sullivan
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Saved my life. They were reassuring, and I needed it because I was going crazy about my lost data. I had a Lacie hard drive that I had not backed up since quarantine. The drive had a T-bite of animation and adobe premier compositions and assets. The Hard Drive had just stoped working out of nowhere, and though it would register on my Mac, when I opened it....nothing. KYCH got all my data back AND it was even in the same file hierarchy (video editors know how important this is). They we're helpful on the phone and vey kind in person. They even got it back for me in two hours. I can't recommend them enough. They save my films
Berrin Sun
Read More
During a trip to NYC from Canada, I had a very stressful time on vacation when I dropped my MacBook Pro and the hard drive was damaged. The technicians from New York Computer Help rushed my case, and replaced the hard drive while recovering data from the damaged one, this was a huge relief and weight off my shoulders. Overall very pleasant experience, the staff is very knowledgeable on what they're dealing with, and let me know what is possible and what might not. They understand that dealing with device issues are a stressful experience and talk to customers calmly and reassuringly.
Rebecca Ashkenazy
Read More
I never write reviews but I felt that I had to for you guys. When my Mac decided to break down when reinstalling an OS, I thought it was over. Apple told me the chances of data recovery would be very slim, and even if it was possible it would be at an exorbitant rate. I pretty much lost all hope but decided to try New York Computer Club anyway. Best decision ever. You guys worked tirelessly on my computer to retrieve the data and were so open and upfront about the pricing (super reasonable) and your progress. In the end, 100% of my data was recovered!! I cannot express enough gratitude to you! Thank you for saving what feels like my world!
Customer in NY
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“While another "company" tried to rip me off (almost 3000$), NY Computer Help was honest and rescued my data for 250$!”
Customer in NY
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“The price for the data recovery was fair and I was able to recover all my data which I thought was lost forever.”
Hailee Sullivan
Hailee Sullivan
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I was in desperate search for a place to hurry and look at my WD external hard drive where I've kept at least 10+ years of photos in. It suddenly started failing and can't be recognized by my computers. I inquired a few places and this place is by far the quickest and response and also was also from talking to the store engineer it seems like they are able to fix it so I gave it a shot despite the high price but it's well worth it!! They give me a quote of $950 + tax and told me that I only pay if they are able to fix it. Of course in my mind I hope that they can fix it and am willing to pay that. U also have the option to get an external hard drive from then for $80 which was what I did. I shopped around for a bit and decided to come back here and so glad I did!! They fixed my drive flawlessly within 10 days time! I am so glad u came to them u really saved my life! The price is well worth it as it is quite a complex job to retrieve the data. Thank you so much and I've learnt my lesson the hard way! This place you can trust your data with! They also have 30 days guarantee after to make sure it works!
Hateshi Ayanami
Hateshi Ayanami
Read More
It’s a tucked-away place but I’ve found their prices to be more reasonable than similar businesses in Manhattan. Plus, they’ve done everything from fix my iMac’s hard drive to extrapolating data from a dead device. And the customer service is chill

Here's our simple 4-step process

Mail-in/drop-off your device

Full evaluation & diagnostics

Provide an estimate for your job

100% guaranteed recovery

data recovery services

We Cover All Types Of Damages

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Looking for expert data recovery services?

Don’t panic if your computer has crashed.  Our experience and professional data recovery service will provide you with the best chance of recovery.  Your files will be recovered to an external hard drive or different media.  We can also fix your computer and restore the files back to it afterwards.  Your recovery job will be priced based on its severity, providing you with the best, cost-effective data recovery service in NYC.

All done in house.  This is a big advantage.  Many NYC data recovery places may have a New York City zip code, but, in fact, send their jobs out of state.  Each and every data recovery job is done right on our premises at 53 East 34th Street.  We take a lot of pride in our years of data recovery training and experience so we may have a chip on our shoulders if you ask us about this.

Don’t pay a dime to get a diagnostic.  You’ll get a free diagnostic to learn how much your data recovery will cost. Plus, you’ll be ensured a flat fee price, not some sliding scale range.

And yes, we perform lab recoveries too.

We do it all, small software data recovery jobs and our data recovery NYC experts are also masters of recovering files from the infamous clicking hard drive.  We are specialists at opening up external hard drives and computer hard drives to replace failing parts to recover files.

We got that covered too. Whether you have a NAS drive, RAID server, drobo, or other server drive system, we are server recovery experts at resolving mechanical drive issues, re-running the RAID array, and recovering files. We’re up for the challenge and typically successful in such cases.

Simple enough and we stand by this motto. We are results-oriented as your success is our success.

We have the best success rate in the industry.

The last we checked, we are at 93.5% as our success rate. That’s pretty freakin’ good! We have many customers coming to us to recover their computer files after other companies have failed. If we cannot recover it, you can be sure we have tried everything in our power to recover it. We are confident that if we cannot recover your files, nobody else can.

We always attempt to recover from failing drives in the cheapest way possible. What does that mean? When our competitors have been known to throw in the towel by prematurely escalating data recoveries, we never give up on still extracting files from even physically failing drives. In turn, you’ll pay a fraction of what you’ll get quoted from others. We are on your side and want to recover all your files at the lowest price possible.

We price every recovery job by the level of complexity. Since we have been performing data recoveries since 2000, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep prices as low as possible for you. Many data recovery service companies will charge $1,000 and up as a minimum. Not us. Many jobs are as low as $125 and up.

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