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Desktop or laptop – Which one is more convenient to work at – Is desktop or laptop easier to use

laptop-vs-desktopI’ll be honest, I was never a huge laptop support fan.  You usually place it on your lap and before you know it, you’re roasting a bonfire.  It’s just not comfortable to say the least.  If you place your laptop on your desk, that’s definitely more comfortable.  But, if you’re old school like me, you probably prefer the traditional desktop support where you can enjoy the nice big screen and fat keyboard.  No worrying about having skinny fingers or squinting your eyes.

Of course, I like having two monitors for my desktop so you can say I’m cheating a tad with more monitor real estate for your desktop computer.  But, hey, it’s not my fault laptops don’t come with the ability to have dual screens.

Yes, laptops are more portable and do the job when you’re on the go.  But, if I’d have to choose, I’d go for a desktop any day of the week.  Yes, iPads are great for browsing the Internet and watching videos, but for heavy-duty productivity, such as email, accounting, and web design, desktops take the cake.

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