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What is the difference between a used and refurbished laptop?

Refurbished laptopsAs of the past year, we have been selling refurbished laptops.  It is a great option for our customers if they choose not to proceed with computer repairs.  Okay, let’s be real, many times we will recommend for our customers NOT to fix their laptops if they are way too old or already one foot in the grave.

So, the next step is moving on and buying a laptop.  You can buy new, but you can also buy a used or refurbished laptop which will be much cheaper.  It is crucial to know what the difference is between a used and refurbished laptop.  That way you can make an informed decision of how to proceed.

So, a used laptop is just what it sounds like.  You won’t be the new owner.  Another term for used may be pre-owned.  Same thing as used.  The biggest take-away from a used laptop is that someone else used it and it’s pretty much as-is without any repairs or reconditioning prior to your usage.  If there was a computer virus on it before you, it will still have a virus.  If the hard drive was starting to fail, it will still be failing when you get it.  So, all defects and issues will remain.  Why?  Because it is a used laptop that did not go through any checks or fixes before selling.

A refurbished laptop is one that is used, but goes through a battery of tests and laptop repairs prior to listing it for sale.  Such refurbished laptops carry more assurances with it since it has been prepped to be in good standing before purchase.  It is inspected typically by a computer technician for failing parts.  Failing parts will be replaced or fixed and then once again tested to ensure all is working properly.

Essentially, a refurbished laptop is supposed to work and be functional just like a new laptop would.  The only difference is that the laptop has more years on it.  A used laptop is expected to have issues with it.  Let the buyer beware with a used laptop.  With a refurbished laptop, a customer can be rest assured that every part is working and 100% functional.

At New York Computer Help, we are proud to list many refurbished laptops for sale in NYC.  Each one has gone through rigorous testing by our certified laptop repair NYC team to ensure all laptops are 100% working.  We also provide a 60-day warranty to ensure 100% satisfaction.  Laptops may be bought in person or messengered locally.  We recommend for any laptop you buy, it should be refurbished, not used.  That way, you can expect a perfectly working laptop.

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  1. Hp comes with new used and refeb so if you go for new better if used then avoide elite and probook so pavillion series in intel processors are preferable but if you switch to sony vaio or acer or asus branded brands they need care but will give u performance better then hp

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