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Do I need a computer firewall? – ny computer security

A com%image_alt%puter firewall is one of those things that people just feel they need. Similar to buying fries with a burger, it’s assumed that a firewall is needed with antivirus software.  But, do you really need to supersize when it comes to computer security?

Yes, firewalls are the perfect combination to have with your antivirus software. Before I explain why, let’s discuss what exactly is a firewall? It’s really just a way to keep hackers out of your computer.  If your computer does not have a firewall, then your computer will be a potential target.  Specifically, a firewall is defined as blocking unauthorized access while permitting good communication.  So, you can think of it as a friendly, but protective, gatekeeper or bodyguard.

Please note there are software and hardware firewalls. Hardware firewalls are used in corporate computer %image_alt%networks, filtering spam and viruses, blocking from external access, and guarding against overall threats.  Software firewalls are usually bundled into antivirus software or may be used with the default Windows firewall.

A favorite of mine is Norton Internet Security since that bundles antivirus and firewall protection. A fan favorite for years has been Zone Alarm which is a good product, but you don’t need it if you buy an all-encompassing security software suite like Norton Internet Security.  If you already have a good antivirus software that doesn’t include firewall protection, don’t worry, just make sure your Windows firewall is enabled.  You may check your Windows Firewall by going to the Control Panel where it resides.

If you don’t have a firewall, or not sure, please check now before the hackers find out for you.

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