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Do I need antivirus software on my iPhone – iPhone antivirus software – Is antivirus software necessary on my iPhone?

antivirus-for-iphoneWe are seeing some nasty viruses out there.  Some are the FBI virus, the Ice virus, and some go as far as encrypting all your files.  So, the forward-thinking question now is:  Do I need antivirus software on my iPhone?

PC’s are surely susceptible to viruses.  Macs are as well, but not targeted as much.  What about iPhones?  iPhones carry with them an entirely different operating system, the iOS, or iPhone operating system.  As to date, there have not been true viruses that have come out that infected the iOS platform.  Yes, there have been hacks, or ways to get on the same WiFi network as the iPhone and control it.  But, that’s not a virus.

I really don’t think installing an antivirus software is necessary for iPhones at this point.  The iPhone is a very secure phone and the biggest concern you have at this time is possible theft or hacking.  Just as installing antivirus software on a Mac is a very precautionary measure, an extra iOS security layer is a bit excessive.  Yes, in the future, I foresee more security needed on the iPhone, but for now, don’t weigh down your phone with extra fluff.

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