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Donald Trump is our President. What does this mean for our tech sector?

Donald Trump at the computerWhether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump is now your 45th elected President of the United States.  What does this mean for our tech sector?

Well, as with many of Trump’s strategies, there was no blueprint of his tech support sector objectives.  But, there were many knee-jerk solutions he presented that actually made some sense.  He objected to Apple not giving access to an iPhone that would unlock the San Bernandino shooting killer.  Trump went a step further to issue an Apple boycott until Apple would provide access.  Yes, it’s bold and Trump-like, but so our his security policies.

If the securities policies help put terrorists in jail, he would stop at nothing to do so.  This includes opening access to iPhones, computers, and other accounts that would provide security access. I’m not a happy camper about terrorists fleeing devoid access to a simple passcode.  But, I’m not also content about your iPhone access being given to someone else upon request.  The take-away here is you can expect national security to “trump” personal technology security.

If elected, Trump promised to perform an immediate review of all U.S. cyber defenses and vulnerabilities.  This is well-needed and since Putin is a big supporter now, I’d like to think the potential Russian moles along with Russian cyber attacks will decline.  Alright, I’m watching too much Homeland, I know.  The take-away here is this is a good thing!  Hire some Russians to deconstruct and recreate a more secure infrastructure is probably the best IT strategy here.

As with international jobs, Trump is looking to make the U.S. a powerhouse again.  To achieve this, he is looking to implement ways to keep jobs here in the states versus farming out to India, China, and other countries.  Apple, take notice!

Overall, Trump should be good for the tech sector.  With his strong views in strengthening the U.S. as a global powerhouse, shoring up IT security and keeping American jobs will bolster our tech industry.

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