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Don’t use Safari on Windows

It has been reported by Windows that users are left vulnerable if using Safari as a web browser.  Typically, Windows users use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that comes with Windows for surfing sites.  Alternately, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera are other popular web browsers.  Safari has not be used a lot on Windows, and that is probably the reason for a lack of security that is left for Safari Windows users.  Safari is typically associated with Apple computers since it is bundled into the Apple systems.

What can happen to Windows users if they install Safari?  If they mistakenly visit a malicious site or download spyware, their system can potentially be hacked into.  This is definitely a serious issue. 

If you still want to use Safari on your Windows computer, you can apply one quick fix to safeguard your computer. 

If you do use Safari, Microsoft says you can apply a workaround to protect yourself.  You’ll need to change the default download location by performing the following:

  • Open Safari and navigate to Preferences under the Edit menu
  • Select a different location on the local drive after clicking Save Downloaded Files to

Microsoft and Apple both haven’t released when this would be fixed as Apple seems less concerned that Microsoft does about this.  By the way, Safari is an Apple product.  That explains Apple’s ho-hum approach to this.  We recommend to just steer clear of Safari on Windows computers until this is resolved.  There are plenty of other web browsers to use in the meantime.

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