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Easiest way to sell old computers – Recycle old computers for cash – How to sell old computers

So, you’ve got an old laptop, desktop, iPhone, or another piece of computer support equipment.  If you’re not using it, you’re losing money or at least space for that matter.  You should think of getting some money out of it or at least recycling it.

There is a new option for you: Gazelle.  With Gazelle, you go on their website and find your exact computer model or device.  Then, describe its condition and any applicable add-ons such as software, extra hardware, you know any bonuses that could add to the pot.  Then, you’ll see the amount they’re willing to pay and send you a box to ship it to them upon approval.  After confirming your product against your description, you’ll receive the payment via PayPal.

A big plus with Gazelle’s tech service is they will wipe out your hard drive’s files prior to recycling or redistributing.  If you’re wondering what exactly is Gazelle, as was I, they are a reCommerce service that helps your sell and recycle your equipment in the same online computer service.  After receiving your equipment, the online IT service will ensure any data on it is wiped cleaned and then it is sold to retail and wholesale outlets.  Items that don’t make the cut are recycled.

Why do I like Gazette?  It’s a more reliable option than going through Craiglist and eBay.  Yes, Amazon and Apple have buy-back services, but they have other services as well whereas Gazette is focused purely on the buying and recycling industry making it a great choice in my mind.

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