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Easiest way to transfer PC files to Mac – how to transfer PC files to Mac

%image_alt%You just bought your new Mac!  Fun lies ahead.  Now, if only you could transfer all your PC files to your new Mac.  Don’t worry.  You don’t have to be a Mac expert for this.  It’s easy if you follow the right steps.  There are certainly many ways to accomplish this, but I won’t bore you with the different IT service options.  Instead, I’ve consolidated the quickest and easiest steps to make your life easier.

Here’s the easiest way to transfer your PC files to your Mac:

  1. Buy or use an existing external hard drive.
  2. Plug it into your new Mac.
  3. Go to Disk Utility by searching for it in the top-right Spotlight.
  4. Highlight your external hard drive->click Erase Tab and select MS-DOS File System from volume format pull-down menu
  5. Click Erase and follow the prompts.
  6. Connect your external hard drive to your PC.  Go to Computer->Hard Disk C: Drive->Users->Your user folder and copy & paste over the entire contents of your user folder to your external hard drive.  Also, copy over anything you might have saved in the C: drive or a D: drive partition.
  7. Connect your external hard drive to your Mac and copy & paste over the external hard drive contents that you just copied from your PC.  You can copy the files to your Mac desktop or other appropriate folders.
The key here that makes it so easy for the file transfer is ensuring your external hard drive is compatible for your Mac and PC.  By setting the external hard drive to the FAT 32 or MS-DOS (FAT) format, you may easily transfer PC files to it.  In turn, your Mac may easily be able to read the PC files and copy it over.  The only drawback, but rarely, is that the FAT format only works with a maximum of 4GB of a file size.  So, if you have an Outlook, image, or video file that is larger, it won’t be able to copy it.  Most files are well under this size restriction so this is a moot computer issue.%image_alt%

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