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Exchange 2010 is coming out this year: upgrade or not? – A NY computer email review

Microsoft Exchange 2010 is going to be released at the end of 2009.  Exchange is used for business e-mail.  Specifically, it is hosted on a company server so users may share and collaborate contacts, calendars, e-mails, and public folders.  It is a great way to administer company e-mail accounts.

The new Exchange will have the same features as the previous Exchange versions, but adds some new, courteous add-ons.  These convenient, courtesy functions, include being able to “mute” conversations.  For instance, if you’re included on an internal e-mail with many others, you may take yourself off future emails or replies from this conversation.

Also, the new Exchange 2010 will prevent you from making mistakes through its “MailTips” feature.  If you’re sending an e-mail without a subject or body, it will tell you.  Or if you’re sending to a large distribution list which might trigger spam filters, it will ask if you’re sure about this.  A good feature is being able to view your archived e-mail folders from multiple computers.  This is a good thing if you have too many e-mails counting towards your size limit.  Then, you can create a separate email folder that is still accessible to other computers or users by Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 is a worthy upgrade due to the last feature of having a secondary personal folder that is still accessible by other computers.

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