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Fix blue screen of death – fix BSOD – fix blue screen – how to fix blue screen

%image_alt%If you are a Windows user, you must have been an unhappy user of the blue screen of death (BSOD) one time or another.  If you’re not familiar with the BSOD, it is when a PC immediately turns to a blue screen with white writing.  Sometimes, this will appear upon boot-up or mysteriously in a random fashion while working on your computer.  The blue screen may appear for just one second or appear until you power off and on your computer again.  Whatever the case, this  is very serious and will not go away until you resolve the blue screen of death.

There are 101 things the blue screen could mean.  But, the three most common reasons you’ll receive the infamous BSOD are the following:

  1. RAM (memory) or hard drive errors.
  2. Virus or antivirus / software issues.
  3. Corrupted Windows, drivers, or other hardware problems.

When a blue screen of death occurs, Windows creates a memory dump file located at C:/Windows/Minidump.  Unless you’re a Windows certified technician, this file looks like gibberish.  Luckily for you, I have found a great tool that is user friendly enough to understand what your BSOD is.  Essentially, this breaks down the Minidump file in an easy and understandable way.  The tool is called WhoCrashed.  It’s a free software for home use or $30 for business computer support that lets you know exactly what the blue screen is telling you, and how to fix it.  As you can see below, an example of a blue screen brought back that the video driver is corrupted or needs to be updated.  Pretty simple when you know what to look for.


There are other blue screen software fixes out there, but I’m not a fan of them due to either a convoluted interface or indecipherable language.  So, there’s no sense providing second-rate software.  Please note that you’ll need to install the WhoCrashed software ahead of time of the BSOD.  Consider it computer preventative maintenance.  Otherwise, make sure you have your Windows technical expert’s number on speed dial.

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