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Fixes for the 3 most common Mac issues

In general, Macs seem to have less problems that PCs.  There are less viruses and spyware associated with Macs since they are not targeted as much as Windows computers.  However, there are still common issues that Mac users experience.  We have tallied up all of the Mac issues and found the below three to be the most popular:

1.  Frozen Application

If your Entourage, iTunes, or another application freezes, you may resolve this by holding down the Command and Option keys simultaneously and the press Escape.  Once you see the Force Quit window, select the non-responding software and click the Force Quit button.  You will be able to end this freezing application and continue working again.  If the keyboard is not responding, you have no choice but to hold down the power button until the system shuts down. 

2.  Mac Won’t Wake from Sleep Mode

To prevent this from happening in the future, follow these preventative steps:

-Disconnect peripherals, such as iPod, printer, and handheld, before putting your Mac to sleep.

-Make sure your Mac is updated by performing a software update.

-Make sure your peripherals and hardware have the appropriate firmware, or updated software.

3.  Dock Application Freezes

Sometimes, an application will not launch or quit from the Dock.  The application will not do anything when clicking on it or display a question mark.  To unfreeze the application, follow the steps described above in the Frozen Application.  If the question mark still remains, drag the question mark to the desktop to make it disappear.  Then, drag the missing application’s icon to the Dock by finding it within your Applications folder.

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