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Free antivirus software vs Paid antivirus software – Is free antivirus software as good as paid antivirus software?

free-vs-paid-antivirus-softwareMany of our customers will look to save a buck by installing free anti-virus softwareThat all fine and dandy until they got a virus and have to enlist our services to remove the virus.  So, am I saying that free anti-virus software is not as good as paid software?  Yes!  It is definitely inferior.  Yes, many free ones tout how protective they are and will remove viruses.

That is true, but the major difference is when it will remove viruses.  Paid versions constantly have background processes checking for incoming viruses.  When one attempts to save itself to your computer, the software will recognize it and filter it out right away before it causes damage.  Free anti-virus software does not have this proactive protection.

Instead, it only removes viruses during the daily virus scan.  If you have your virus scan to run at midnight to not hamper your performance in the day, that virus that attacked your system in the morning may have done damage past the point of no return.  The midnight virus scan may be too late as the virus could have already corrupted the operating system.

The point here is that free anti-virus software usually gets to the party too late.  The virus already wreaks enough havoc to the point where a virus scan is just elementary.

The next time you have a choice, buy a paid anti-virus software plan.  There are many good ones that have this built in, such as Norton, McAfee, Trend, Avast.  Just pay for it upfront or it will cost you more later!

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