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Tech Protection Plan

Tech plan icon


Device Protection
$ 15 per month / per device
  • Unlimited hardware repairs + OS fixes
  • Unlimited cleanings, tune-ups, diagnostics
  • Covers drops, spills, accidents, defects
Tech+Shield plan icon


Device Protection + Remote Assistance
$ 35 per month / per device
  • Includes all in Tech plus
  • 1-Click Remote support help + diagnostics and recommendations
  • Full device coverage: hardware + remote
Tech+ plan icon

Tech+ Shield

Hardware + Remote Assistance + Cyber Security
$ 50 per month / per device
  • Includes all in Tech+ plus
  • Unlimited virus, spyware, malware removals
  • Anti-virus, firewall, security monitoring

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All-in-one Tech Protection

We are your full protection tech company that gives your instant insurance coverage without red tape. 


Basically, that means you get your stuff fixed right away without deductibles.

3 easy steps

Step 1
Start service

Visit us OR contact us to perform remote service OR mail in your device.

Step 2
Receive diagnostic

Get upfront repairs needed along with any recommendations and extra costs. 

Step 3
Choose Plan

Choose from one of the Tech Protection Plans. Then, we will repair your device.


Unlimited computer repairs and preventative service. All labor is free except any exclusions marked below.

$15, $35, or $50 depending on which Plan you choose. There are also $25/month plans for Custom PC Protection. You also may elect for annual plans.

Yes! You’ll receive Day 1 protection. No wait time or black-out periods.

No deductible. We always aim to repair without parts (i.e. motherboard repairs or direct repairs), but if parts are needed, you just pay our vendor part costs only.

As soon as you approve.

All Plans are redeemable at NYCH repair centers. Plus, Tech+ & Tech+ Shield may be remotely supported (NYCH will remote into your computer) when possible.

Yes, 1 year is the minimum charge. The monthly or annual charge renews after Year 1 if there are no changes or cancellations on your end.

Unlimited internal cleanings, speed tune-ups, virus cleanings, maintenance, diagnostics, and requests not within the exclusions.

Email fixes, Outlook issues/setups, data recovery, specialized software repairs, training, website tasks, and other non-computer tech repair requests.

Why? These services are supported by specialists at different rates.

But, great news, you can still have us take care of email/Outlook fixes by choosing it within our extras; or enlisting an onsite or remote tech.

Training, or specialized software repairs may also be performed onsite or remote.

Data recovery is performed on a per-request basis at one of our repair centers. 


Tech is perfect for hardware repairs and proactive maintenance. Tech+ includes Tech plus gives you a remote access component when doable. Tech+ Shield includes Tech, Tech+ plus provides you complete cyber security proactive protection.

The 3 plans include techs who specialize in all the included services at our repair centers. The extras include different resources with specialized levels of experience, available onsite at your location or via remote access.

If you’re a first-time, first year, first issue Tech Protection Plan member, and NYCH has deemed the device unfixable on this first issue, if there’s no viable solution, such as another device replacement at same or less cost, then you are entitled to a refund of the payment made so far for that first issue payment and monthly charge.  We aim for 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Your membership rate is grandfathered to Year 2 and charged month to month or year to year, depending on the term chosen. You are also eligible at that time to transfer to another computer or device. This is perfect if you’ve bought a new device or just want to switch to another one.

Technically no. Why? Because we have already provided a serious discount by opting into this membership plan. But, if you’d like to pay the remainder of your Year 1 term due to a validated reason, NYCH chooses the right to approve this. 

After Year 1, you may email; reply to a previous ticket; or call 212-599-0339.

Keep your devices safe with our tech protection plans!