Full Computer Warranty Protection Plan

Deal directly with one company.  No insurance company.  Forget the paperwork.  Get your full device warrantied.  Bumper to bumper. Finally, a modern, expedited approach to getting your tech stuff fixed quickly.  Less phone calls.  Less wasted time.  More productivity.  More you time!

The Traditional Way

Takes up to a month for insurance claims, multiple communication points and approvals, and unexpected out of pocket service costs.

Step 1

File a claim with an insurance company

You will file a claim with your insurance company which would take 2 – 3 days to be approved.

Step 2

Receive a quotation

You will then visit your tech repair center like NYCH to attain a quotation for the repair.

Step 3

Submit the quotation to the insurance company

You will then have to submit the quotation to the insurance company for approval.

Step 4

Insurance company approves

Based on the quote and approval and high deductible, you will be told what out of pocket costs there are. You will then go back to the repair center to complete the job.

Step 5

Submit receipts and await payment

Once the job is complete, you will submit the receipt and await payment (which will usually take 7 – 10 business days).

The New York Computer Help Way!

One point of contact, one visit, always approved and covered. Get tech insurance directly without delays, hassles, and lump sum out of pocket service costs.

Step 1

Your claim is automatically approved.

Bring your tech issue directly to our repair center.  Avoid waiting times an insurance company hierarchy.

Step 2

Get your tech issue directly resolved.

No need to search for a local third party repair shop.  We are your one stop shop as your insurer and repair center.

Step 3

Expedited turn-around.

We are ready to start repairing your device as soon as you are.  Plus, there is no need to worry about deductibles or reimbursements.  Any part costs, if any, are mentioned upfront.

New York Computer Help - Full Computer Warranty - Protection Plan

Protection Plan for your Whole Computer or Device.
Protect your devices from drops, spills, accidents, & natural defects.

Only $15 per month for the year

All labor services are covered within the policy except data recovery and lab recovery

Why deal with shipping your computer back and forth with your manufacturer when you can get it fixed quickly with us?

Don’t worry, we don’t judge.  Any “oopsy” is covered and repairable.  Happy to help!

Hope that coffee, water, or other liquid was good?  Was it worth it? Seriously, accidents happen.  Where here for you when disaster strikes.

Unavoidable power failures can really take their toll on computers and gadgets.  We’ve seen all kinds of electrical and power failures that we’ve been able to revive equipment from.

Sometimes, your parts just fail on their own.  They all have their own life cycle.  We got your back if and when this happens to you.

Very common and certainly very frustrating.  Hope is not lost.  Repairs and replacements are viable options here.

Does your computer have another issue?  We cover and repair all kinds of issues.  Stop in to start the process.

Why Choose New York Computer Help?

NYCH SquareTrade BestBuy AppleCare Amazon
One point of contact
Claim approved upon request
Repair starts upon request
All work done on premises
No need for insurance or applications
Free back-up
Free virus scan
Free device physical cleaning
Covers new and old devices
Walk in to a repair center (no shipping)
Love your local NYC business


Protect Your Device Now

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