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Get an email confirmation – How to know when someone reads your email?

Set up emails for read receiptsIf you want to get confirmation that someone has read your email, I have found the best email solution for you.  I’m not talking about that read receipt request from Outlook that is sent to your recipient.  That one can just blow away in the wind since the recipient could simply dismiss it.  I’m talking about something that will let you know for sure if your sent email was sent, which links were opened, and how they were viewed.  This is not only good for sales folks, but also attorneys and others who just want to ensure emails are delivered.

ToutApp was started for marketing professionals to be able to better track their emails.  It has built-in templates and meshes well with email clients and CRM systems.  It is a great tech support tool.  This is a hefty price tag of $30/month, but if you’re an email expert whose sole job is to spam potential customers.  This email service will definitely streamline your work day.  I see this as being a great medium for attorneys, process servers, and other professionals who need to submit documents to meet deadlines or specific tasks.  This email confirmation may be used at a later date to verify such correspondence.

It’s at least worth the 2-week trial offered to see if you’ll like.  Unlike other free trials, a credit card is actually not asked for which is refreshing.

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