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New York Computer Help - iPhone / Microsoft Office experts
New York Computer Help – iPhone / Microsoft Office experts

So, you’ve been waiting a long time to get an actual Microsoft Word or Excel program on your iPhone.  Finally, the Microsoft support folks decided the time has come.  It has waived its sad white flag at attempting to produce a smartphone that would compete with the mighty Apple experts who have created the one and only iPhone.  Instead, Microsoft has relented by joining enemy lines and put out a Microsoft office suite that is compatible for the iPhone.

Until this time, there have been pseudo-Office apps, such as the free Google docs, Evernote, Pages, and Numbers.  There are also the paid apps:  Documents to Go Premium, Poloris Office, and QuickOffice Pro.  Now, there is Microsoft Office!  With an Office 365 subscription, or $100 per year, you’ll be able to get Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your iPhone.  The subscription, by the way, allows up to five computers to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  You’ll also get up to 20GB of SkyDrive storage and 1 hour or free Skype calls.  If you don’t have a subscription, you’ll need to get one since it’s the only way you’ll be able to get Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your iPhone.  Definitely pricey if you don’t need Office on your home or work computers.

The name of the program is called Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers Yes, it’s a clunky name which is in contrast to its slimmed down program.  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all scaled down which allows for viewing, editing and minimal formatting.  It does what is expected on an iPhone since you can really treat the iPhone as you would your computer, right?  Well, what have we waited all this time for?  A real Microsoft Office program on the iPhone!  Rather, you’ll find just another program to add to the pseudo-Office mimic program.  Don’t get too excited.  Also, a big drawback is you can only work with SkyDrive for storing your files whereas the other iPhone Office apps, such as Google Docs and Documents to Go, allows you to store your files anywhere.

For now, check out the mobile Office if you don’t mind forking over $100 or already have an Office 365 subscription, but don’t have high expectations.  It’s just another Office app to add to your iPhone tech support.

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