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Get ready for iPad skyping! iPad support nyc

If you’re looking to go out of the box to video chat on your iPad, or at least use something besides Facetime, Skype may be for you.  The big plus is that it takes advantage of the whole iPad 2 display screen and you don’t have to be an iPad expert to use it.  Just as you are going to email someone from your address book, you have an easily viewable contact list to video chat with.

Unfortunately, the 3G skyping is a bit delayed as expected.  But the wi-fi, or home or office wireless, was pretty speedy and true to form.  The best video chat connection was when using iPad 2 to iPad 2, but a close second was using the iPad 2 to a desktop computer that is directly hardwired via network cable.  Performance differs when connecting to a wireless laptop, but as always, the Internet connection on the other end is spotty, so will your video chat session.

As a competitor to Facetime, Skype is right up there especially since the Skype community has lots of members.  At the current time, there are more Skypers than Facetimers probably since Skype has been out longer.  That being said, Skype is more versatile since you can video chat from your iPad 2 to a Windows user on Skype.  With Facetime, your recipient has to be using some form of Apple support product, such as iPad 2, iPhone, or Macbook.  So, Skype is worth trying out especially if you want to video chat with your PC friends.

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