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Gild review – High tech recruitment – Recruiting programmers – Is Gild good?


Gild reviews
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Gild is not your conventional executive recruitment firm.  Instead of taking hours and hours trolling the job boards for resumes, Gild has hired programmers to find the diamond-in-the-rough candidates.  Maybe there’s a candidate that has had their code re-used dozens of times, but didn’t make it to MIT.  Such factors and more advanced algorithms are used in finding the real talent out there.

Of course, such a premium is not for the cheapskate.  At $800/month, you’ll want to invest fully in this tech support plan.  That being said, Monster charges just $119.  However, Monster is pretty saturated nowadays whereas Gild looks to find candidates that are off the grid.  Monster will showcase the same folks that may be on Craigslist, LinkedIn, and others.  Gild may find the never-working candidate who can add value to a company or perhaps the person who teaches class that just so-happens to code heavily on forums at night.

The real take-away point that I really like about Gild is that they can and do recruit those who don’t even post resumes or on the job boards.  Don’t ask me how.  It must be there secret sauce.  For now, it looks like Gild focuses on computer programmers and other skills computer support positions.  It’s worth a try if you’re a recruiter, and one who wants to succeed.

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