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GitHub vs. LinkedIn: The new tech support talent site? – computer engineers – tech support jobs – Github review

LinkedIn is well known for finding tech talent among other industry specialties.  LinkedIn show resumes and past job descriptions.  GitHub allows tech support folks to get their hands wet with sharing projects and code together.  Its primary role is to share code and collaborate in teams.  Here’s a good example of how it may be used:  If an NYC computer engineer needs help finishing a social networking website, but cannot resolve bugs, he can look on GitHub for a C++ engineer overseas to assist.  Or if a tech engineer team is spread out over different countries, they can use GitHub to host their project and work together to complete the project.

With each project, the members are able to see every completed task, the timeline, notes, and what the final goal is.  Coders can step in to take on a project when they’d like with the author’s approval.  Potential employers can sign in and see actual work from engineers.  This is on-the-fly work which shows real-world experience versus expounded upon what can be done in a resume.  I am all for seeing what a tech service person can do versus just having the qualifications.  PC and Mac certifications show you can sit through a course and understand how to do the work.  But, GitHub goes the extra step to present actual, experienced work that techs perform.  This is good stuff!

Keep in mind that GitHub is geared towards the behind-the-door coder tech.  So, if you’re looking for a network administrator or server administrator, this is not the site for you.  If you’re looking for a web developer or back-end coder, you’ve come to the right place.

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