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Got a “Your Apple Computer Has Been Blocked” Error Message. Is it a virus? What should I do? – Need Mac Virus Removal Service?

Your Apple Computer Has Been Blocked Mac Error Virus Message AlertThe dreaded Mac error message.  The “Your Apple Computer Has Been Blocked”  Macs don’t get viruses, right? Umm….wrong.  They do.  And when they do, it’s not too much fun. 

With this message, courtesy of, you’ll be prompted to call a so-called Apple number.  If you ever received a similar message on your PC, you’ll know where this is headed.  You know, the “Please call Microsoft.  Your system has been compromised” alert message.  Same thing here.  A hoax.  Well, it’s part-spyware and virus and part-hoax.  First, you have an infection on your Mac.  Most likely, it’s a Safari infection.  If you call up, you’ll get some third-party that will then attempt to act like Apple.  Further, they will ask you for info so they can remote into your computer.  That’s when everything gets worse.  Their next options are to attain your banking info, credit card info, or other personal info for not the right reasons.  Or they can further infect your computer.  If they want to have more fun, they can use your Mac as a botnet to spread the malware and viruses to other Macs.  The options are endless.

So, here’s what to do when you get this “Your Apple Computer Has Been Blocked” alert:

  1. Close the alert window by pressing: CMD + OPT + ESC
  2. Select the app
  3. End Task
  4. Remove the virus or call in a Mac virus removal service to do so.

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