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Got Time Warner Internet? Then, you can also get free antivirus software – nyc antivirus support

%image_alt%If you are a Time Warner subscriber who uses Road Runner for your Internet service, then you can also receive free anti-virus software Time Warner is offering a special valued-added computer service for current subscribers by offering free CA (a.k.a. Computer Associates) Internet Security Suite 2010 software.  This software is regularly priced at $70.

How do you install the antivirus software?  All you have to do is click on the below link and enter your Road Runner e-mail address:  CA Internet Security Suite 2010 free software download

Here’s what comes with the CA Internet Security Suite:

%image_alt%If you have Time Warner’s Road Runner Internet service, you should definitely think of installing this antivirus software, especially if you currently don’t have security software or need a new one.  If you’re not familiar with the CA antivirus software suite, it’s similar to the Norton security suite software, but with less headaches and freezing.  Please make sure to remove your current antivirus software first if you plan to install this one.  You never want to have more than one antivirus software on your computer unless you like under-performing while your computer is 20x slower!

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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