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Got Windows XP? Get $100 for buying a new PC. Microsoft support deal

get-0-for-new-pc-xp-usersStill holding out with your Windows XP computer?  I don’t blame, you XP is a great, stable platform, and certainly much better than Windows Vista or 8.  But, Microsoft does not want you to stay on XP forever.  Obviously, there are monetary goals here, but also April 8th signifies that the last drop-dead day of Windows XP support.  Ohhhhh scary, right?  Not really.  This just means that you won’t receive any more Windows XP updates nor Windows XP support from Microsoft.  Don’t worry though, you can still go to a local Windows XP service who can help you out.

With the ensuing end of life day for Windows XP support, Microsoft has used that scare tactic in order to push XP users to buy and set up a new PC They’d like to push you in that direction by giving you $100 off.  Okay, I bet you’re listening now.

Here’s how you get $100 for free when you ditch your Windows XP computer for a new one:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Windows XP $100 instant savings link.
  2. Buy an HP, Asus, Dell, or Toshiba computer from the selected list.
  3. After receiving your computer, you can receive a free data transfer from Laplink, a data migration service you can download.  Be careful with this file transfer service as you want to make sure you are not bringing across any viruses.  If your computer is having issues or has computer viruses, it is recommended not to do this.
  4. You’ll also get 90 days of free Microsoft tech support after you buy your computer.

Check it out.  If you’re still on Windows XP, at least there’s some savings here for you.

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