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Grandchild screwed up my computer – how to fix grandchild’s computer issue – computer problem from grandchild

The baby boomer and up crowd like computers a specific way.  An email and Internet icon are in a certain place on the desktop.  The Internet is used by one browser, i.e. Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Antivirus software is working and everything is peaceful.

Then, all of a sudden, the grandkids come to visit!  Disaster strikes!  Social media icons appear, Chrome and other browsers have taken on the new defaults.  Zillions of extra icons appear on the desktop to cover email, Internet, and important icons.  Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus may start appearing in iTunes and people named The Uber Goober start IM’ing you on a Google Talk.  Worse off, blue screens of death may appear or computer viruses from the grandchildren accessing dodgy sites.

We frequently get calls after the kiddies visit Grandma and Grandpa.  The older set frequently complain about their grandchildren’s visit resulting in serious computer issues.

Instead of waiting for the inevitable PC or Mac issues, here’s how to prevent computer issues before the grandchildren arrive:

  1. Set up a new profile, called grandchildren, or give a nickname for one or more to use.  Just set up one profile for all or one of them.  Then, any disaster will hopefully be limited to their profile.  They’ll even have the same settings and profiles to use for next time to avoid setup time.  Viruses, software issues and the like are typically limited to the one profile.
  2. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date.  The first thing the kiddies like to do is download or stream content.  Make sure you’re protected from infectious websites.
  3. Limit computer use.  Whether it’s one hour a day or around that time frame, the less they’re on the computer, the less havoc will be wreaked.  Plus, aren’t they there to spend quality time with Gramps and Grammy?

It’s your house.  It’s your rules.  Lay down the ground rules with the computer or else the kids will take advantage of hogging the computer time.

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