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Hard drive pricing has increased! Why? Where to find cheap hard drives?

%image_alt%Believe it or not, the Thailand flooding has more direct effects on us than you would think.  Since half of the world’s hard drives are manufactured in Thailand, there is now a shortage of drives.  Most of the computer support factories in Thailand are no longer existent due to the flooding.  So, hard drives are at an all-time shortage.  This includes laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, external hard drives, and server hard drives.

I have seen the cost of hard drives double or even triple in some cases.  This is not only due to the shortage, but many of our distributors are fearing the worst in that they may not be able to stock up soon.  So, they’re charging more to break even if their supply depletes totally in the near future.

Luckily, our computer store stocks hard drives from multiple wholesale manufacturers.  So, we are not tied to just one source.  So, there will be no price gauging here!

If you are looking for a cheap hard drive, here are the steps to take:

  1. Buy one at a local computer shop.  If it’s in stock, you’re in luck and it should be at a reasonable price.
  2. Buy online.  Make sure to call the place before buying to ensure it’s in stock and at the updated rate.
  3. Ebay or Amazon.  You may steer clear from the places, but with the decreased hard drive stock, you’ll be guaranteed it will be in stock at the advertised price.  Other online stores may not have updated costs and supplies.

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