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Help Desk support NYC Technician – What NOT to do when hiring a Help Desk support technician.

best-help-desk-technician-nycGot an opening for your Help Desk?  Need to fill it right away?  Well, don’t jump the gun.  Your company is counting on you to find the go-to Help Desk computer technician who will be the friendly, helpful IT voice of your organization.  Let’s take a step back and strategize.  There is a checklist you should follow to find the perfect candidate for your role.

Let’s get right to it.  Here’s what you should NOT do to fill your Help Desk role:

  • DO NOT go to Craigslist.  Look, I’m a fan for Craigslist for small gigs and jobs here and there.  But, you should go a higher level for your recruitment efforts.
  • DO NOT just hire on the resume alone.  Test out the potential hire of a day or week on a trial to see if he or she is the right fit for your company.
  • DO NOT believe what the resume says.  Plenty of times, a candidate will tell us they are an iPhone or PC repair genius and when put to the test, they failed miserably.  Test, test, and test out the candidate on the specific role you’re hiring for.
  • DO NOT hire your best friends’ friend.  Well, unless they really know what they’re doing.  IF considering this, please see the three previous points.
  • DO NOT source candidates just from Facebook or LinkedIn.  Do your due diligence and also attain references and call previous employers.
  • DO NOT passively hire.  Perform a background check and have multiple people in your company interview the potential hire to ensure there’s a good cultural fit.

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