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Hire service to remove computer virus in NYC. Should I go online? In person? Do it myself?

Online or local computer virus removal serviceYou got a computer virus, congrats!  Okay, it’s not so much a good thing, but at least you have a chance to test out your computer survival skills.  You know, the disaster recovery prevention you know that would always be a possibility?  Well, it’s that time and your scrambling skills better be up to snuff.

So, the question first becomes: Is this a job you can partake in and conquer?  Are you geeky enough? Well, first you have to see how nasty the virus is.  If it’s a pop-up or some annoying box that comes up on your screen, your anti-virus software may just need to run a full scan to get rid of this.  So, give it a shot and maybe you’re one of the lucky ones.  Scan, remove the virus, and you tiptoed your way out of a disaster.

So, maybe it’s a bit deeper than that.  Your computer is slow, you can’t start it, or programs can’t open, and of course a virus scan doesn’t help.  Where do you turn?  If your uncle, friend, cousin, or tech geek friend is unavailable or nonexistent, then you have to call in the big guns.

Do you go online to find some behind-the-scenes remote guy who says he’ll fix your PC or shady-remote-virus-removal-serviceMac for $50?  Well, would you give your credit card to a stranger for an hour?  That’s what I feel like a remote virus removal service is like.  Entrusting your house to a cat burglar for an hour.  That’s enough to steal everything you got!  Hey, give up your computer for an hour and guess what, give up your credit card and personal info faster than you can say, “Guess who’s too trusting?”  You catch my drift.  We have heard may horror stories of folks paying for remote service because it’s on the cheap for $40 or $50.  Well, guess what?  It became much more expensive afterwards since these remote thieves hacked into their bank accounts and stole their identities and pay us to to have them re-gain access to their computers.  At best, you may receive more spyware than before!  The point here is not to entrust a new remote service to remove your viruses.

Virus removal service in NYCThe best solution is to go in person to a computer virus removal service in NYC to take care of it.  Why? First of all, you know they are somewhat reputable by having an actual physical business and does this full-time versus a fly-by-night dude on the phone who you don’t know and may have other intentions.  You should also go to a computer service company who provides free diagnostics so you can determine based on the cost and your comfort level if you’d like to proceed with them.  Basically, you want to be the one in charge.  Also, the company you go to should not automatically say, “Let’s just wipe it clean.”  Those are usually not ones with technical capabilities and don’t really care.  Well, unless you want a clean slate and don’t need your files.  You should also go with a computer virus removal service company who will put you in the solid position forward, meaning installing anti-virus software or some security software to protect you going forward.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.