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Getting back to the office. How can I outsource my IT?

IT outsourcing in NYC

Your office may be slowly resuming operations again. Maybe it’s a hybrid model of remote and office workers. Whatever the case, you’re probably in the market of outsourcing your IT operations. Why hire a full time IT tech in your office especially on a limited IT budget? You have options.

Hire a tech for a couple hours a day

When you’re transitioning back to the office or changing about your IT scheme, it may behoove you to pay for a daily tech. But, there’s not need to hire someone for a straight 8 hours and worry about lunch breaks along with expensive payroll expenses. Instead, you can outsource your IT to a company who can bang out your list of daily issues at a clip of 2 -4 hours a day. More importantly, you can take them on or their firm as a 1099 so that the tech or company handles the tax stuff, not you.

Overall IT support for your staff – scheduled weekly onsite tech day & the rest remote support

We’ve seen an IT hybrid approach work well where you can hire a tech for a weekly day to take care of those harder, in-person required issues. Then, get remote support on other days. A rolling list of non-urgent IT issues may be provided on the weekly tech day. The rest of the odds and ends IT things, such as computer tune-ups, email / new hire setups, and other operational type stuff can be done remotely.

Are you all remote? Hire a remote support IT team

At New York Computer Help, some of our techs have transformed from onsite techs to remote techs. This way, we’ve accommodated the needs of our business customers. You can do the same thing. Whenever an issue occurs, outsource the issue by calling up a tech company to help. They’ll be able to remotely support by remotely taking control of your computer.

Need to take care of hardware issues?

We’ve also been experienced in depot or repair center repairs. If your company has a start-up, power, or hardware issue, you can bring it to a computer repair center in NYC or wherever else you may be. It’s helpful if the company has a mail-in computer repair option or messenger computer service if you don’t live close or cannot leave your place.

Take care of new hires and new computer setups by mailing in your devices

Yup, since COVID-19, several companies have enlisted us to receive their shipped in computer and we’ve set it up for the company’s operating system, software, and imaging requirements. Then, we would ship it out to the new hire or employee. So, you can still carry out this task by getting more familiar with the your favorite mailing method whether FedEx, UPS, USPS, or another service.

Not sure how to outsource your IT

Get info on this. Chat with some IT outsourcing companies in NYC or another near where you are and see what’s the right fit for you.

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