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How Can You Use Your Smartphone For Surveillance Purposes?

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The smartphones are the best tools for the cybercriminals and totalitarian governments. These devices contain all the required information, personal data, personal locks, built-in cameras, microphones, and the best thing is connected to the internet almost all the time. In short, the smartphone contains all the necessary factors which a spy needs to be successful and all the main features which are necessary for the surveillance purposes. 

Following are a few of the ways, through which one can use their smartphones for surveillance purposes:

Smartphones Surveillance Apps

Several applications are there within the smartphone for surveillance purposes like Google Family, MMGuardian, AllTracker Family, etc., which can help to keep an eye on children, houses, nannies, employees, personal assistants, etc. So, by turning on theses surveillance apps one can easily monitor not only the situation but even the locations as well. Using it keeps your mind at peace as well as it will provide you safety both on the web and in the real world as well.   

Spyware software in smartphones

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This software is best for finding solutions regarding wiretapping and tracing phones. This tool in smartphones is best especially for the entrepreneurs to keep an eye on employees in the office or for the parents who want to keep informed about their children’s safety. This software acts as great surveillance because it records all the conversations as well as locates the handset by using the GPS module. It can even help to remotely control the phone and eavesdrop on its surroundings. Due to this, it becomes easy to track a potential thief and to gather the implicating evidence.  

Cellphones and Bluetooth tracking

Smartphones have several various radio transmitters in addition to the mobile network interface which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Whenever anyone of them is turned on the smartphone conveys signals that include the MAC addresses with unique serials number of the mobile device. Due to which the nearby devices recognize those serial numbers and let the other device recognizes that the particular device is present around. So, the small weakness in the Wi-Fi network can give access to almost all the devices that are connected to that connection either for the surveillance purposes or for the hacking means. For surveillance purposes, one can extract personal information, financial data, copied data, etc. through the cellphone or Bluetooth tracking system.


It is a kind of malware designed that can track the infected smartphones around. The spyware uses the microphone of a device and acts as a spy camera to record and listen to all the things happening around the phone. This software is best to track the GPS locations, messages, and texts, copies of the clicked photos, and acts as a spy on the conversations held on apps like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Discord, Viber, Messenger, snoop, Wickr, etc. All the data can be collected through these apps and can be sent to the web portal where a spy can review it easily.

Record necessary Meetings

The smartphone is the best surveillance spy to record the surroundings and meetings. Keeping the phone as spy helps to record everything in an actual manner without the addition of any fake content in it. Because when someone knows that the situation is being recorded they act in a fake manner whereas recording the situation without representing leads to record the actual. So, by using the smartphone and utilizing its feature of camera recording one can have the complete recordings. Even these recordings can be kept saved as records for information purposes as well as for the training purposes as well. Such surveillances can also benefit the organizations to run their businesses smoothly and effectively by keeping an eye all the time through these mediums.


The smartphones are one of the amazing technology which can be utilized amazingly after the implementation and developments of the surveillance content in them. Through smartphones, one can keep an eye on the situations easily and can record the surroundings safely. They can record the locations, voices, cellphone position in real-time on a map, can receive the alerts and/or text messages and call logs, even can remotely enable microphones to capture and forward conversations to the nearby systems. So, the smartphone is a great blessing to cybersecurity and intelligence agencies for monitoring the surroundings and to manage the cases. One can use it in various other manners too, to have the maximum usage of smartphones, especially for surveillance purposes.  

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