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How do I know when my computer is going to fail – How to understand your computer – Become the ultimate computer whisperer – Computer talk – computer failure NYC

when-is-computer-going-to-failYou’ve heard of the dog whisperer I’m sure.  Well, what about becoming the computer whisperer?  Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew what your computer was thinking, feeling, or more importantly, going to crash or get a computer virus?

Here are some tell-tale signs of when your computer is going to fail:

  • Computer is slowing down – If your computer is all-around sluggish like it hasn’t had a cup of Joe, well, bad things may be in store for you.  What should you do?  Restart your computer to ensure nothing has gummed up in the background.  Then, run a full virus scan to ensure spyware and viruses are at bay.  Still having issues?  You may have to bring it into the big boys, or, in other words, a local computer repair shop to further assist.
  • Computer is noisy – Don’t let this one fester.  You may simply have dust bunnies that are causing the sounds to be made.  Or your desktop or laptop may be on wooden surface that is causing a vibration noise.  To resolve this, first move your computer to another kind of surface, then open up your computer if it’s a desktop to remove dust and debris.  Still having issues?  You may have a failing hard drive or dead computer fan which will require computer service.
  • Weird pop-ups – Yup, that is a sign of computer viruses usually or maybe another error alert.  Run a virus scan or read the alert and follow the directions.
  • Internet is not working – Check your router and modem first.  Recycle the power.  Still have an Internet issue?  Your computer may be developing a case of the sniffles.  Run a virus scan first and make sure you’re connected to the right wireless network.
  • Slow start-up – This is usually the kiss of death.  It could be a failing hard drive.  You should make sure your hard drive is not failing by right-clicking on your C: and check for errors on your Windows computer.  For Macs, go to your Finder and search for Disk Utilities to check your hard drive for failure.  If you have a hard drive failure, you should seek data recovery help and hard drive replacement service.

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