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How do you know if someone is lying to you in texts – text message lies – text message lier

text-lie-how-toAre you able to spot a text lie?  Just like a gesture could be a tell-tell sign of discomfort, swaying to one side, a lie may have its own poker read.  But, what should you be looking for?

A Brigham Young University study tried to discover if lying texters have a behavior pattern to be on the look-out for.  Here are tell-tale signs of detecting lying texters:

  • 10% longer delay in responding to your text.  If it takes 5-10 seconds to respond to your texts, and then you drop of a bomb like “Do you love me” or “Where were you last night” that receives a 1 minute or longer response, you can bet that a fib is on the way to you.
  • Shorter response.  All other replies are 10-12 words long whereas the lie is only 1-2 words.  Why?  The liar doesn’t want to lie too much or keep it general to be interpreted differently.  In other words, the liar wants to leave an opening to explain the lie differently.  Basically, get in deeper water.  “Where were you?”  “Out.”  “Do you like my best friend?”  “She’s nice.”
  • Uncharacteristic response.  If your texter replies with sarcastic comments or poetic response and, all of a sudden, goes cold and withdrawn, then there’s a problem.

So, keep in mind that delays and short texts may be a sign you’re being lied to.  Or a two-faced about-face is another cause to suspect there’s a liar on the other end.  No tech genius or IT support experience is needed here, just go with your gut.

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