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How do you pay the tip to the Computer Repairman? – What form of payment to provide for the tip?

How to tip computer repairmanThis may sound like an obvious question, “How do you pay the tip to the Computer Repairman?” In most instances, it is.  Just pay cash, duh! Cash is king. Yatty-yatty-yah.  But, the green stuff may not always be appropriate.  If you’re paying several people, a company, or have to go through an expense sheet reimbursement, you may want a paper trail.

Here are a few common scenarios, illustrating how to pay the Computer Repairman:

  • Home visit – If you’re one-on-one, you can auntie up the cash to your Computer Repairman.  Please note your cash tip is separate and apart from the overall computer tab.  So, don’t expect favors from the home computer repair company your tech reports to.  That being said, you may want to request the same tech so he will expect the tip and work harder for it.  Of course, it’s up to you if you want to play mind games and not tip the next time around.
  • Office visit – The office computer service visit is a bit murkier.  If the tech is working for a computer repair company, you may consider tipping the service company via Accounts Payable with a check or wire transfer, the normal way of payment.  This will ensure the overall service in the future is prioritized for your office. Plus, if more than one tech services your office, this is the way to go to ensure the overall service is top notch versus just isolated to one tech supporting your office.
  • In-repair shop service – Got your computer or device repaired awesomely?  Look for a way to leave a tip during the check-out process, i.e. Square, Seamless, or another iPad check-out system.
  • No cash on you? – Go e-tip!  If you liked the service and don’t have any cash on you, ask for the computer service company’s PayPal account or request an email for how to send funds.  This will show your appreciation and allow the service provider to decide the best form of payment.

Further, gifts, food, and drinks are appreciated, but cash is still king and preferred.  Checks are a bit dodgy since they force walking over the bank to get the tip.  With food allergies and personal preferences, you don’t want to just decide what techs like.  Will work for beer is just a saying.  Give the green stuff and you’ll be sure to be loved back.

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