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How do you sync 2 iPhones one one computer – Can you sync 2 iPhones on one computer – Easiest way to sync to 2 iPhones on 1 computer

New York Computer Help - iPhone syncing help
New York Computer Help – iPhone syncing help

It’s typical to have at least two iPhones in one household.  So, how do you sync them both to your one computer?  Certainly, you want to keep your wife’s songs or kids games separate from your iPhone library.  If you didn’t know, you can’t just think iTunes is smart enough to separate all your iPhones and libraries.  The Apple support folks set up iTunes so that any syncing will, by default, force you to wipe your iPhone and use the iTunes library that is already on your computer.  So, how do you get around it?

Here’s the easiest way to set up 2 iPhones off of one computer:

  1. Set up 2 or more user accounts on your computer.  Don’t try to mess with one iTunes account in one profile for many users.  It just won’t work.
  2. For each separate user account, set up your iTunes for that person how you’d like.

Okay, if the multiple profile way is just not going to cut it, or you won’t have time to switch back and forth, here’s how to really use 2 iPhones off one iTunes account on one computer:

  1. Plug in the second iPhone to your computer.
  2. When iTunes opens, click the icon for the device in the sidebar to show the summary.
  3. Go to Options so that the iPhone does not sync automatically.  Also, make sure the Manually Manage Music and Video is checked.
  4. Also, go through all the tabs to make sure there is no auto sync selected.
  5. If you get the warning that your iPhone is synced with another iTunes library and your iPhone will be erased, don’t fret.  We turned off all auto syncing for this to actually happen so you’re in the clear.
  6. Now, just drag any music, video, or other content from your library and drop it right on the iPhone’s icon to sync over it.
  7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 with additional iPhones.

No iPhone experts need to apply here.  It’s a simple 6-step process to work multiple iPhones among one iTunes and one computer.


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