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How Excel can help to build a career in Finance or Business

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most ubiquitous software programs around, and most companies use it for critical business processes. As a result, employees and job hunters should keep learning Excel at the top of their priorities when building their careers. In this article, we’ll talk about how Excel can help you build a career in finance or business-related industries.

Sharpen Your Skillsets

Building your career means building the skills you need for your job. Online Excel training helps you focus on critical skills you can use in almost any company role. You’ll be better at:

  • Visualizing, manipulating, and evaluating data
  • Creating equations for workflows, financial projections, budgets, and project efficiency
  • Reading and understanding spreadsheets from other sources
  • Maintaining, organizing, and balancing complex financial and inventory accounts
  • Creating tracking systems for various departments

If you think that Excel is only for making tables, know that there’s a lot more you can do with it. You improve your productivity and become a valuable asset to a company. You’ll also gain access to more job roles than someone who’s Excel proficient. Let’s dig into each one of those benefits.

Improve Your Productivity and Efficiency

Excel speeds up plenty of many business processes that are otherwise time-consuming. You deal with large amounts of data and crunch numbers much faster than someone doing it manually.

Understanding Excel’s more advanced tools enable you to complete tasks faster and analyze data more accurately. This gives your team up-to-date information about your processes and metrics, streamlining your workflow.

Especially if your role requires repeated calculations and double-checks, advanced Excel tools prevent errors and miscalculations. This frees up your time and ensures that all calculations you make are accurate.

Gives You Access to More Jobs and Roles

Whether you’re still planning your career or in the middle of a career move, learning advanced Excel skills gives you an edge over candidates who aren’t proficient in Excel. Jobs and careers that use Excel have good median salaries and job growth. Some of the top careers you can take on include:

  • Administrative Assistant: your tasks include making spreadsheets, scheduling appointments, organizing different documents, putting vacation time in for employees, and more. Advanced Excel knowledge will help you accomplish these with ease.
  • Accountant: apart from having a degree, accountants need to be well-versed in Excel. You’ll keep up with financial statements, submit tax returns, take responsibility for income statements, and monitor the company’s cash flow. Not using Excel to help you with these tasks is a serious mistake.
  • Financial analyst: Excel spreadsheets will help you monitor and study the latest investment and business trends.
  • Business analyst: you’ll be in charge of monitoring large amounts of company data. Excel helps you keep data in one place and organize, study, and use it easily.

On top of increasing your job prospects, you also improve your starting salary. Hiring managers value employees with transferable skills like advanced Excel know-how. Considering the work you can get done using your advanced Excel skills, demanding a higher-than-average salary isn’t out of the question when applying.

Makes You A Valuable Company Member

As much as possible, employers want to keep their talented members on board for as long as they can. Having advanced Excel skills give you job security and opens up opportunities for advancement.

By being well-educated, efficient, and productive, you become a vital part of a company. Learning new Excel skills helps you avoid being replaceable by newer and younger tech service people or workers. In addition, it helps you stay on top of your game and set yourself up for a successful career.

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