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How Technology Is Evolving – 5 NLP-Based Tools To Write Better Content

Technology like NLP is evolving and presenting outstanding solutions. So, which are the best tools for content writers?

Natural language processing is the ability of a machine to understand human language and return output in natural language. This essential aspect of AI-based writing assistants holds it all together in tools like plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, etc.

That’s why, by 2025, the global revenue from NLP-based tools alone would be more than 43 million. So, how exactly does it work? What exactly does technology mean to write? And how does it evolve, and which are the best tools for writers today?

We’ll find the answers to all these questions, so let’s get started.

Defining Writing Technology

The world of writing has been revolutionized by the introduction of AI. It is no longer a matter of simply typing words on a page but instead creating content that is unique and engaging. In the past, copywriters spent hours upon hours trying to develop creative ideas for content.

This process has become much quicker and more efficient with AI writing assistants. That’s why AI writing assistants are increasingly getting popular in the workplace. Some companies use them when they need to generate content for a specific topic or niche.

While digital agencies use them to generate all kinds of content for their clients. AI writing assistants can be used by people working in various industries, such as marketing, public relations, journalism, and more.

These tools can be used by people who are not trained writers or don’t have time to write the content themselves. AI assistants can also help with basic editing tasks such:

  • As correcting grammar mistakes and typos
  • Finding synonyms for words and phrases that sound repetitive
  • Adding links to related articles

They can even complete creative tasks like generating article ideas relevant to the client’s needs without any human input.

What Is NLP?

Natural language processing (NLP) is how a machine understands natural human languages. The artificial intelligence (AI) subfield allows the machine to understand human languages. Other fundamental essentials include machine learning and computational linguistics.

NLP has been around for decades, but it’s been seeing a resurgence lately, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence advances. It’s being used by companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon to provide better customer service and improve their search results.

Thus, NLP technology has advanced significantly recently, with new applications emerging in several fields. The technology can improve the quality and efficiency of many tasks involving text, speech, and language understanding.

How Writing Technology Has Evolved—And Continues To

It used to be that a simple task like finding grammatical errors took a significant amount of time. However, nowadays, grammar checkers can proofread texts within a few seconds and help you churn out any sort of mistakes.

The same goes for other key writing elements, such as paraphrasing or plagiarism. These two essential content writing aspects have always been tedious and tiring. However, now AI-based tools help writers do it efficiently, conveniently, and quickly.

Therefore, writing technology hasn’t only come far because of AI and the necessity. Saving time and increasing productivity has always been one of humankind’s top priorities. Thus, the implementation of AI and its related fields has made life much easier.

Thanks to its ever-advancing nature, AI continues to improve a writer’s life with advanced tools, and we will be talking about 5 of them in a bit.

6 NLP-Based tools to Write Better Content

The best type of tool is the one that doesn’t only make the job easier for a writer but also becomes an extension of their arm.

These tools we’ve picked are just the kind that any writer needs and they serve various purposes. Therefore, without further ado, let us dive right into our 5 best NLP-based tools to write better content:

1. Plagiarism checker – is a leading NLP-based tool that offers a bunch of writing and editing features for better content.  Its plagiarism checker outshines due to its accurate and precise results in finding duplicate content.

This NLP-powered plagiarism checker analyzes your content through its massive databases to find out if your content is published somewhere else. The percentage score of plagiarized and unique content, list of matched sources, and instant paraphrasing capabilities are what make this tool stand out among others.  

If your content has a higher percentage of plagiarism, its free paraphrasing tool has got you covered. 

2.    Paraphraser is one of the best tools to deal with one of the most crucial factors of writin and paraphrasing. This tool allows you to paraphrase efficiently and effortlessly. The NLP-based program employs the latest AI tech to get things done.

As for its technical aspects and usage, the tool offers a 500-word limit and four content tones—two of which are for free. While the tool can be used for rearranging text or changing content tone, it’s ideal for removing plagiarism too.

3.    Trinka – Grammar Checker allows you to correct grammar in any sort of writing. Since grammatical errors can ruin any writer’s day or week, this tool ensures that it doesn’t have to be you. By correcting all the grammatical and tone-related errors, this is an ideal pick for any type of writer

Much like most other tools, this program also offers free registration and paid packages. However, most writers can do with its free version just as well.

4.    Scan My Essay

Scan My essay is one of the best tools to help you find plagiarism or duplicate content in your text. Since plagiarism is a plague in any and every industry or niche, it’s an ideal program to fish out any sort of duplicity and remove it.

There’s not much else to this program except its simple UI design and innate ability to churn out plagiarism.

5.    Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor is one of the best at making you become a better-skilled writer. This program allows you to tackle one of the key problems of content writing; readability.

Giving your text a grade and ensuring its quality allows you to ensure a certain quality to your text, which is plausible in any industry or writing niche.

6.    Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best rich text editors available today. It is an ideal program for writing or editing texts and for grammar correction, collaboration, and auto-saving.

These factors alone put Google Docs heads and shoulders above many other online text editors.


These are the five best NLP-based programs available for writers today. Not only do they help with their respective purposes, but they also help you grasp the right skills to write outstanding content. Therefore, use all these tools whenever you need their assistance.

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