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How to add another Apple ID to my iPad? – How to add another Apple ID to my iPhone

%image_alt%Here’s the deal:  I have a lovely wife, cute infant son, and a princess of a daughter.   But, they all drive me crazy when it comes down to what to watch on the iPad!  There’s only one Apple ID associated which means the apps are everything from sports, news, weather to Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, and Hannah Montana.  Needless to say, there’s no organization flow at all or way of separation between us all.  And believe me, if my little girl has to watch one more Donald Duck cartoon, she’ll call up Hannah Montana herself to complain that Daddy is ignoring her!

So, what is a good Daddy to do?  Well, I’m off to buy another iPad of course!  This way, I’ll have one iPad for both kids.  It may sound crazy, but to have quiet during a night out at dinner with the whole family is priceless.  Don’t worry, there’s educational games on the iPads too so they won’t be total cartoon drones.

Let’s get to the technical support part.  I have 3 different Apple ID’s I’ve used for the past couple of years for downloading apps on my iPhone and iPad.  I’d like to use the main ID for the new iPad to download apps for my daughter, but I also want to grab apps from the other Apple ID’s.  Can you go back and forth with the Apple ID’s to get the apps?  I’ve paid for them in the past so I should be able to, right?

According to the Apple service folks, you can associate your iPad or iPhone to another Apple ID.  However, you have to wait at least 90 days before doing so.  The same 90-day wait period goes for when associating your device back to your original Apple ID from your secondary Apple ID.  So, say my first Apple ID is joe1 and I want to switch it to joe2.  I’ve had my iPad for a good 1.5 years so it’s been well over 90 days and have no iPad problem associating it with joe2.  But, I have to wait 90 full days before switching back to joe1.

When switching back and forth, the apps remain on your device.  The reason for going back and forth with these Apple ID’s is to get the purchases already made for apps, videos, songs, etc. and to use them on your device.  If you only have one Apple ID, then you’re in the clear.  But, if you’re like many who set up different Apple ID’s, then this tip is for you.

Here’s how to associate your iPad or iPhone with another Apple ID:

  1. From your iPad or iPhone, go to iTunes
  2. Go to Store->Sign In and sign into your current Apple ID
  3. Go to iTunes menu->Store->View My Account->Manage Devices
  4. Click Remove next to the device name you’d like to unassociate.
  5. Then, sign in with your secondary Apple ID.
  6. Wait 90 days, go follow steps 1 – 5.

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