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How to add comment to Word document – Easiest way to add comment to Word – Add comment to Word file

How to add a comment in Microsoft Word
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If you’re writing an essay, book, memo, or something else that may be time consuming, it’s great to add a comment to relay internal or collaborative thoughts.  What if you’re thinking, “You know what, on the next few pages tomorrow, I should focus on this certain topic,” or similar.  You don’t want to forget about it so adding a comment is a great reminder to yourself, and you can add it on the specific page you want to carry through that comment on.  Similarly, a comment will help others you’re sharing the document with to see what you’re thinking about on certain paragraphs and pages.

Here’s the easiest way to add a comment to your Word document:

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Make sure that the Reviewing Pane is visible at the bottom of Word or that the Comment balloons are visible at the right-hand side of your doc.
  3. Highlight the text of the comment you’d like to paste into your doc.
  4. CTRL+X
  5. Place cursor where you want the comment to be inserted.
  6. CTRL+V

This applies to Microsoft Office 2007 support, Microsoft Office 2010 support, Microsoft Office 2013 and beyond.

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