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How to add Gmail / Yahoo mail to Windows 8 Mail – Gmail setup in Windows 8 mail – Yahoo mail setup in Windows 8 mail

Windows 8 mail setupYou’re in front of your new Windows 8 computer.  One of the first questions asked upon turning it on is if you’d like to set up a Microsoft email account.  This question appears within the Windows 8 Mail app which comes along with your new operating system.  Although it’s nice to set up a Windows account because you’ll get some free cloud storage with it, you don’t have to actually use it as your default email account.  If you already have a Gmail or Yahoo email account, then set up your email account for one of those. 

Here’s how to set up your Gmail or Yahoo email account in Windows 8 Mail:How to set up gmail - yahoo in windows 8 mail

  1. Log in with a Microsoft account when initially asked.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to use the Microsoft email.  This allows you log in so you can add your default email account.
  2. Within the Mail program, type Win+l key combination to go to Mail settings, and then go to Accounts.
  3. Add an account->choose Google, Yahoo, or another email account.
  4. Punch in your log-in info and Connect.

If you’re still not sure what Windows 8 Mail is, it’s essentially like what Outlook Express or Windows Mail was, but an updated version.  It’s more minimalist and acts as your email organizer.  There’s also some cool social media integration and tabs you can play with.  So, it’s worth trying.  Yes, there’s a bit of a learning curve, but if you bought Windows 8, you should already know that you’re already knee-deep within the Windows 8 support learning curve ride!

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