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How to automatically back up your Instagram photos – Easiest way to back up Instagram – Instagram backup

Best-way-to-backup-instagramYou have Instagram.  You may even upload more than one photo each day.  That pretty much makes you an Instagram expert nowadays.  But, have you ever thought of the possibly tragic computer issue of what would happen if all your Instagram photos gets lost.  Well, lost is a generalized word.  Your Instagram account could get hacked into or some computer glitch could remove your photos.  Or the unheard of could happen, Instagram goes out of business.

In order to ensure your Instagram photos are not lost, you need a good computer backup service plan.  Disaster recovery 101 for Instagram starts right now!

Here’s the easiest way to back up your Instagram photos:

  1. Go to the IFTTT site and get a free account
  2. Click Create a Recipe ->this link ->Instagram->give permissions
  3. Click Any new photo by you->Trigger->that link->View all Channels
  4. Activate SkyDrive channel or another Internet cloud account and give IFTTT access
  5. Select Add file from URL->Create action button
  6. Click Create Recipe button to save your new recipe and turn on

What you created is a receipt to save your Instagram photos every 15 minutes to your Skydrive or another cloud account.  Only new photos are saved and it doesn’t re-save or duplicate photos.  This is an easy way to save your Instagram photos and you don’t have to be a computer expert to perform this.

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