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How to back up your e-mail? Where are your e-mails stored? – a New York Computer Help e-mail support tip

%image_alt%If you have to back up your files due to some dreaded virus, or you just want to have a secure backup, don’t forget about backing up your important e-mails.  If you solely work off of Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN, or another online e-mail service, then you don’t have to worry about backing up since your e-mails are stored online.  However, if you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, or Mail, then, you have to know where your e-mails and contacts are stored so you can back them up.

Here’s where the major e-mail software clients are stored:

  • OutlookIn Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings<Profile>Local SettingsApplication%image_alt% DataMicrosoftOutlook; In Windows Vista/7: C:Users<Profile>AppDataLocalApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook
  • Outlook Express – C:Documents and Settings<Profile>Application DataOutlook Express{ID} or C:Documents and Settings<Profile>Local SettingsApplication DataIdentities{ID}Outlook Express.  Contacts are found in: C:Documents and Settings<Profile>Application DataMicrosoftAddress Book%image_alt%
  • Windows Mail – C:Users<Profile>AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Mail.  Contacts are found in:  C:UsersContacts
  • Thunderbird – C:Users<Profile>AppDataLocalThunderbirdProfilesxxxxx.defaultMail
  • Entourage – HomeDocumentsMicrosoft User DataOffice X IdentitiesMain IdentityDatabase
  • Mac Mail – HomeLibraryMail

To back up your e-mail, make sure you are out of the program you backing up from or else it won’t let you back it up.  If you need further help with backing up, you can contact an e-mail specialist.

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