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How to best protect your iPhone screen – prevent iPhone screen breaks / shatters / cracks / issues

Best-iphone-caseThe iPhone screen is made of glass.  That being said, it’s obvious that it’s very fragile.  One wrong butter-fingers slip, and crack!  You’ll soon be looking at a cracked iPhone glass.  We, at New York Computer Help, can surely fix your broken iPhone screen, but you shouldn’t have to get to that point.

Here are the top three ways to protect your iPhone screen:

  1. Otterbox / Lifeproof cases – These two cases are tops for ensuring your iPhone can absorb the day-to-day slips, falls, throws, and drops.  They are shock proof, dirt proof, and water proof.
  2. Systm Chisel – This rubberized back and side protector is the best protection if you want to safeguard your iPhone while not feeling like your case is a tank.  It’s lightweight, but gives ample protection.  It’s not on the same level as the Otterbox and Lifeproof cases, but with portability, you lose a little security.
  3. Apple bumpers – Okay, this is more of having a better grip on your iPhone so you don’t drop it.  If you drop it, it’s like russian roulette, you just have to hope it falls where the bumper is or you’ll be in trouble.

If you see an iPhone case that looks too pretty, chances are it’s not too protective.  When looking for a good protective case, make sure there’s a rubberized coating to it to guard against drops.

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