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How to change your iPhone default browser – iphone repair nyc support

Your iPhone browser is set by default to Safari.  Safari is not so bad, but there are better ones out there.  However, it’s not like on a Windows or Mac computer to switch the default browser.  You can’t just install Firefox or Chrome and your’re all set.  There are a few more steps involved.

Here’s how to change your iPhone default browser:

  1. First of all, your iPhone must be jailbroken.  If it’s not, then you cannot change your default browser as of yet.
  2. Launch Cydia from your Springboard.
  3. Type in Browser Changer in the Search field.
  4. Open, install, confirm, restart and choose from the browser options what you’d like as your default browser.

If you’re one of those like me who doesn’t have a jailbroken phone, well, you can either wait until Apple gives such an option.  Or you can jailbreak your iPhone which I don’t recommend.  Doing so voids your Apple support or iPhone repair warranty and can posibly “brick” your phone, turning it into a useless paperweight.  A few good reasons for jailbreaking your iPhone is to open up lots of free apps, Facetime over 3G, and to use another phone wireless network.  A good reason for going with another iPhone browser is so you can sync your bookmarks with your desktop computer, have cool add-ons, better integration with your iPhone and more.

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