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How to de-dupe Mac photos – Remove duplicate photos on Mac – Get rid of duplicate Mac photos – Best / Easiest / Fastest way to de-dupe photos – Ea

Mac photo de-duplication process
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Having duplicate photos on your computer  is a nuisance and it’s easy to come by.  You take a bunch of snapshots from your camera, looking for the perfect shot.  You know who you are, the excessive picture-taker, the obnoxious one who always stops the fun moments to say 1-2-3 or “Say Cheese!”  Well, now you’re in luck since you don’t have to live with those duplicate pics on your Mac.

Here’s how to de-dupe your Mac photos:

  1. Get PhotoSweeper for Mac for $10.
  2. Run it and confirm changes.

The cool part here is that if a photo is identical, but not exactly the same, those will be targeted and approved by you for which makes the cut or not.  You can rename, move, or delete duplicates.  You can compare duplicate files by a number of factors, such as: time, histogram, and bitmap size.  This comparison utility is what sets PhotoSweeper apart from other de-dupe apps.  The process is quick and painless.  Definitely a great Mac service app to have in your pocket.  Sorry PC users, no Windows support yet for this program.

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