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How to disable your laptop touchpad? – laptop repair how to help

If you have big or heavy hands, you’re more inclined to mistakenly move your laptop cursor. This will easily happen %image_alt%by swiping your palms over the touchpad.  You know what I’m talking about.  You may be typing an email and all of a sudden, your mouse cursor jumps creating a slew of misspelling words.  Don’t worry, you’re in luck.  There are easy laptop support steps to disable your laptop touchpad so you can just use a USB or bluetooth mouse instead.

Here’s how to disable your laptop touchpad:

  1. Look first for any buttons near your touchpad to disable the touchpad.
  2. Also look for a keyboard shortcut, such as FN and F7 to press simultaneously.
  3. If no quick ways, then go to Start->Control Panel->Mouse and disable from here.
  4. Last but not least, type device manager in search box-> click Mice and other pointing devices-> Right-click touchpad and Disable

For these steps, you should try each one sequentially and stop when it works.  If it didn’t work with the step you tried, then go to the next step.  Step 4 will definitely work, but you should try the three less evasive steps before.  You can always revert back to using your touchpad anytime.  This is a quick laptop repair tip to ensure your cursor doesn’t go bezerk on you with your touchpad.

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