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How to do my own hard drive data recovery?

Hard drive in pieces - physical data recoveryGot a computer making a clickety-click sound?  Or maybe a pshhhh-bang-pshhhh.  Whatever odd sound it’s making, you need help.

The question is, “Can you do your own recovery?”

Bottom line is heck no if it’s making weird noises.  That means your drive has a serious mechanical failure and requires inside part replacement.  If you’ve take a stab at Clean Room hard drive lab recovery service before, well, then, off you go.  Enjoy!  Otherwise, don’t try this at home kids.  Even the slightest of dust could kill the hard drive platters and files.

Alright, so hopefully, you realize clicks and noises are not of the good variety hard drive data recovery.  But, if you don’t hear noises, is there hope?  Well, yeah, there is.

If you don’t have a noisy hard drive, here’s how you can perform your own data recovery:

  1. Power down your computer.  Stop, drop, and roll…or something like that.
  2. Remove your hard drive from your computer.
  3. If you have an external hard drive, remove it from the enclosure.
  4. Plug your drive via USB to another computer.
  5. Close your eyes and pray that your files show up.

If your data recovery efforts fail, that is a typical sign that your media has physical damage.  Don’t power up your drive much longer after such a failure as it could cause irrevocable damage.  If that occurs, you can always look for a hard drive data recovery place to check it out for you.  Make sure they give you a free diagnostic first before committing.  Hey, it could be thousands of dollars so you want to be the one who says yes.



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