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How to fix a scratched CD? CD data recovery at its finest

Scratched CDs are a dime a dozen.  But, usually that one flawed CD holds the brilliance to your future!  Or maybe it’s just an old Michael Jackson album that you’d like to reminsce to.  If you have a music CD that won’t play, try to play it on a PC where the playback is easier to run.

Whether music or data files, here are the 2 steps to perform for CD data recovery:

  1. Wipe down – Take a lightly damp cloth (i.e. sunglasses cloth) and wipe the CD down by using straight lines from the center to the edges.  You can also blow and lint or dust off.
  2. Scratch removal – Use a thin layer of baking soda toothpaste and Brasso and wipe from the inside of the scratch to polish it out.  Try the CD out.  If that doesn’t work, you can try to wax the CD with a thin coat of vaseline or shoe polish.

CDs are a good backup media, but remember to always have a double back-up of your important media to guard against data recovery, in turn, providing you with a redundant disaster recovery solution.

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