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How to fix a server crash? – NYC server crash – server crash fix

%image_alt%A server crash is the worst type of computer repair issueIt typically affects the whole company IT network which means no access to files and emails.  A server crash may be fixed immediately or it may require a complete rebuild, taking several days.

Here are the typical causes of a server crash?%image_alt%

  • Bad/corrupted Windows update
  • Virus or spyware
  • Lack of storage space
  • Power surge/outage
  • Symantec software error
  • Overheated motherboard
  • Failing hard drive
  • Failing RAM
  • Dead power supply
  • Windows server corruption

You’ll need to determine the cause of the server crash first to know how to fix it. One way to figure out the cause is to check out the server logs to see why the server unexpectedly shut down or is not working. 

 Here is the common approach to fix a server crash:

  • If the server is powering up, check server logs to determine what the software or hardware error is and take action.
  • If the server is not powering up, treat the server like a desktop and see if replacing the RAM and power supply fixes the power issue.  If not, then the motherboard and/or processor may need to be replaced.

How do you prevent a server crash?

  • Have your IT team perform periodic IT maintenance on the server and network.  There is no absolute proactive software that will efficiently inform you if hardware will fail.  It usually just notifies you when it’s too late.  Human proactivity is a necessity to check logs, run hard drive tests, and other software tests to ensure your server is running optimally.

The last take-away message here is back up, back up, and back up more.  Many severe server crashes may be resolved by easily restoring an old, working file and email backup.  The lack of a solid backup could lead to company data loss if your server crashes.

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