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How to fix broken laptop key – Laptop keynot working – Fix laptop key issue

%image_alt%So, you’re typing a long-winded email to your friend or you have someone you want to date and are writing sweet nothings to him or her.  You’re pounding away, typing a masterpiece and then realize your “e” key is not working.  Everything you type doesn’t include the well-used “e” key.  What do you do?

What do you do to fix a broken laptop key:

  1. Clean it!  While your laptop is off, hold your laptop upside-down and shake it up.  Watch your breakfast, lunch, and dinner shake out in a multitude of crumbs.  We have seen full meals sometimes come out of laptop keyboards.  Take a can of compressed air and blow underneath the keys.
  2. Reboot.  Start up your laptop again and see if your “e” key and other laptop keys are in business again.
  3. Throw in the towel.  If you give up, you can always connect an external USB keyboard.
  4. Fight the power!  If still no luck, get an NYC laptop keyboard service shop to replace your laptop keyboard.

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