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How to get the most MacBook battery life – MacBook battery life tips – MacBook repair nyc

Make battery longer macbook - nyc macbook replace batteryYour MacBook should have a long battery life.  If it seems to have lost its boost, there are a few MacBook support tips you should follow.  Don’t throw the towel in and replace your MacBook battery just yet. 

Follow these quick steps for a longer MacBook battery life:

  1. On a monthly basis, let your battery fully discharge to 0 by not plugging it in until it turns off.  Then, completely charge it to 100%.  The technical term for this is calibrating your battery, or discharging your battery.  It’s like having it re-learn that it can actually use all of the 100% battery contents.  It sometimes forgets when you don’t let it charge all the way or down.
  2. Not using your Mac for a while like a half-a-year or so?  Then, make sure to remove the battery at about a 50% charge.  This will ensure it doesn’t go into a deep-discharge state or lose capacity.  Also, make sure to keep the battery in a moderate temperature with minimal fluctuation.
  3. Monitor your battery life.  Click on the battery icon, hold down Option button to see your battery condition.  Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery are the status levels.  Replace when told.

If your Mac is indicating to replace your battery, New York Computer Help can certainly take care of this for you. 

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