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How to Glog – How to use Google Glass

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New York Computer Help – how-to IT guides and tips

I love blogging, and I’d have to say I wouldn’t mind trying out the Google Glass.  With the Google Glass, I could perhaps glog.  Glogging is the future of blogging where the traditional keyboard and monitor would be thrown out the window.  Instead, you’d use your eyes as your keyboard, or input, and where you look would act as your monitor or window to the world to put it on a grander scale.

How does glogging work?  You wear the Google Glass like any pair of glasses or sunglasses.  A mirror bounces light from a little screen into your right eye while you can see through.  Think about picture-in-picture (PIP) on your TV.  You can take still shots or videos with the tiny camera above your right eye.  Just say the command, “Take a picture” or “video.”  Your Gogging posts are automatically posted on Google+ or you can change that to Facebook and others.  If you want to add some verbiage to your posts, you can combine Glass with your laptop, iPad, or phone.

You may think glogging is similar to vlogging where your just bring around a video camera with you and post to your blog or online site later.  But, the big difference is vlogging mostly shows you or what you’re attempting to show whereas Glogging is more organic, natural, and life as you see it up to the minute.  As far as our technology team has hear, the Google Glass is an easy techie setup with no clunky accessories.

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