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How to Google the best computer repair company?

It is easy to find many computer repair companies when you do a Google search.  But, how do you find the best computer repair company for what you’re looking to accomplish?  The way to search for the best computer repair place relies on 3 main factors:

  • What is the computer issue or IT project you’re encountering?
  • Where do you work or live?
  • What is your budget?

When you perform a search, be sure to be as specific as you need to be.  For instance, if you’re looking to enlist a technician just to remove a virus or spyware, make sure to be narrow with your search query.  “virus removal” or “spyware removal” are 2 good searches to perform for this.  If you have a specific project for your company, you may type in “new server install” or “e-mail migration.”  You do not have to put in quotes by the way.

Geography is very important.  You should be sure to put in your location, such as “virus removal nyc” or “new york company IT support.”  If you’re looking for company or home support for IT maintenance or ongoing support, your search should be more general such as “nyc IT maintenance” or “new york city tech support.”

Budget always comes into play for every computer user or network.  Typically, the best support will come from IT companies due to the quick response time and professionalism.  You might find cheaper prices with one-man IT folks, but the response time and skill-level could be lacking.  Be sure to choose your IT company based on professionalism, reviews, and personality.

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